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Anaheim Warehouse    MAP

Tel: 714-774-8888 Fax: 714-879-3334

1201 E Ball Rd. #P, Anaheim CA92805

Open : Mon~Fri  8AM~5:30PM

           Saturday 8AM~1PM 

Los Angeles Warehouse   MAP 

Tel: 213-986-9797 Fax: 213-986-9798

1423 S Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90006 

Open : Mon~Fri  8AM~5:30PM

           Saturday 8AM~1PM 

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 Torrance Showroom

  Tel: 310-326-0404

  1730 SEPULVEDA BLVD. #12 TORRANCE , CA 90501

 San Diego Showroom      

  Tel: 619-876-7855

  4725 Mercury St.#102, San Diego, CA 92111

 solidex Kitchen & Floor Inc. founded in 2009. solidex Kitchen & Floor Inc inc goal is to supply these materials to cabinet sellers & installers, providing them with excellent quality, broad selection and superior service. This is done in the true spirit of partnership, while building long term relationships in the industry

 At Cabinets Supplies Company, we supply more than cabinets; we make dreams come true. Our focus is listening to today’s families, then creating living spaces that meet their individual needs. Our goal is helping them create their dream in a new home or improving their current one. Our success is attributed to our great people and great brands, both leading us to a great future. We are commited to providing superior cabinets at fair prices, honoring every promise we make, and helping families turn their dreams into reality. It is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are.

It’s seeing, not just looking.

It’s listening, not just hearing.

It’s beyond showing, it’s teaching.

It’s more than knowing, it’s understanding.

It’s not being better, it’s being the best.

Our quest is to provide the best kitchen and bath solutions wholly supported by Solidex Kitchen & Floor Inc., home to some of the most recognized and trusted company in the world. We also provided including wood product such as mouldings, bath enclosures,closet doors,interior & exterior doorsand hardwares with America Building Supply Inc, Orepac Inc, T.M. Cobb Inc, El & El Wood Product Corp, ContractorsWardrobe inc, Weslock Inc, Emtek Product Inc. Driven by powerful brands with commanding market positions.

Coupled with the financial strength and stability of Solidex Kitchen & Floor Inc Inc.  is a powerful force in the kitchen and bath industry. With we support, we are a future looking company concentrating our efforts on success and growth.



Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.


How do I replace a broken or damaged hinge on my cabinet?
If you are the original homeowner and purchased your cabinetry from your local dealer, please contact any Solidex  dealer for assistance with ordering a replacement hinge for your cabinetry. 
Can I buy direct from the Solidex Cabinet Supply Dept.? 
Our cabinets are sold through authorized dealers only. To find a dealer in your area, call for the Dealer info.
What is the difference between Schrock, Diamond and Kemper? Are the door styles and colors the same?
Product construction and quality are consistent among all brands, but door styles and colors may vary from brand to brand.
How do I install my cabinets?
We have an installation & assemble guide for you to use in each box.
How do I clean and care for my cabinets?
Normal cabinet & maintenance guide. 

How long is Solidex Cabinet warranty?

No warranty.

Can I get a color sample?
Color blocks or samples must be obtained from your dealer. Please remember that any sample is a representation of the color, and your actual cabinets may vary somewhat in tint or in the lightness or darkness of the wood. This variation is part of the nature of wood.
How much do your cabinets cost?
Our cabinets are priced and sold through authorized dealers only. Retail prices are not quoted from the Solidex Cabinet Supply Dept. but are determined by each dealer based on the products and services they provide to their customers.
Can I purchase your cabinets unfinished?
No, unfinished cabinets are not part of our product line.
Do you offer design assistance?
No. Please contact a dealer for design questions. Click here to find a dealers in your area.
I am interested in becoming a dealer. Can you help me?
Please call 714-774-8888 or send e-mail to